Thursday, May 31, 2012

Secret Blog...shhhhhhh!

In the morning my son, Kai, likes to sleep!  Really, he likes to sleep most of the times he is supposed to... which is pretty awesome for a first time mother like me.  We usually get 10-12 hours out of him at night, then his first nap in the morning is anywhere from 2-3 hours! (Hence the 3 hour naps title...those are my favorite!)  His afternoon nap is a little touch and go, I'm really trying to make it consistent, but I like having a little flexibility in the PMs because I'm a prisoner in my own home in the mornings!

This is Kai:

I'm starting this blog as a secret.  I've tried to keep up with a blog 6 times previous to this, so I do not have the best track record!  I'm going to try to post 20 out of 30 days in the month of June and if I succeed, I will launch it to the world!  (The world being, my husband, mother, Mother-in-Law, blogger friends, and then just general internet creepers.  Got to love the creepers!) 

Cheers to getting another hour of nap time!