Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 Before 30 UPDATE: Go into my 31st year with no back pain.

I think I may have achieved this!  The pain began after I fell while I was carrying Kai down the stairs...  

He was four months old and already a chunker.  I had just gotten out of the shower and needed something downstairs so I trudged back down, baby in-tow and my foot slipped out from under me on the last step!  I couldn't let go of my bundle of joy so I landed smack on my tailbone.  I'm pretty convinced that I broke it and didn't know it.  It also seems I knocked some nerves out of alignment because when I did certain stretches, it really aggravated the issue.  

I had some x-rays a few months after I fell, and they showed no signs of a fracture, but I was told it could have not shown up, healed enough, or scar tissue remained and made things painful etc.  I wrote a post about all the other things I have tried, and the PT was what I could tell made a difference.  It took a while, but when we found the stretch that really tweaked the nerve, I started to notice a difference.

I still have a moments of pain if I sit poorly, but on the whole, I'm going to put this in the "W" column.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mowing The Yard

Last night I mowed our yard.

For the first time.

Like I MOWED for the first time...EVER.

The advantages of getting married at the ripe-old-age of 22 means that you go straight from rental house with roommates to apartment or home with a husband!  So, I never had to do the lawn.

Here's some pics:

Our yard...
It's huge!  Scotter did the edging.

 Scott always wears tall socks when he mows, so I had to follow suit, of course!

Here are a few things I learned:

1.  I don't know why my dad never made me mow.  I would have if I were him.  I was thinking last night in the heat that if we have a daughter, (**someday**) I definitely want her to learn how.

2. How to start the lawnmower.  This made me feel weak.  Also, don't put your toe under the sides or front of the lawnmower, ever.  Scott reiterated this with me quite a few times.

3. You get a lot more done in the yard with two people!

4. Making pretty lines is hard, and downright impossible at the corners.

5. When you see someone with a leaf blower and think, "why is that man blowing the leaves that way? He should just blow the other way and it would work way better." Yeah, the leaf blower has no sense of direction.  It's a bit chaotic, just like Britney and K-Fed.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tummy Bug

Kai got it.

Scott got it.

Then I was taken ill.

What a loooong two weeks!  I won't go into too much detail, but we have suffered over here at our home the past fourteen days.  I'm drinking my first cup of coffee in what seems like forever, so you know that this has been uncomfortable.  I don't know if this was a bug or we all ate something bad, but I'm hopeful no one else got sick.

On a brighter note, I got the iphone 5 yesterday.  The lock button on my 4s stopped working a few weeks ago, but magically in the past few days, it started working again so I rushed to my local RadioShack, and turned it in.  They give you $210 store credit for a fully functional 4s, and the 5 was just lowered to $149, so I was able to get a cute purple cover and a screen protector, with money left over!  This is a great time to upgrade if you are eligible, so go do it!

Kai fell yesterday on the pavement in front of our house.  Can you see the bruise?  He's so manly.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dear Kai,

You have a 103 degree temperature tonight.  So, I'm thinking that another ear infection is in our future. I'm hoping that is not the case as that would be number four in the recent Hatter history, and I'm not too keen on getting tubes in your ears.  We will see how the next few days go, little one.

These days:
29-ish lbs. (85th percentile)
18-24 month size clothes
Size 5 shoes
Size 5 diapers

A few of the words you are using: caaaaaaaar, vroom vroom, bus, dada, mama, ball, yay yay! (that's for Wheel of Fortune, which you still love), Nana, Hudson (ish), please, thank you, more.

We are amazed that you know lots of letters! You can identify about 10 letters now, and the number 2.  We keep these foam letters out that go in a puzzle mat, and you have just started picking them up and bringing them to us and saying the letter.  I'm so proud of that, and hope you keep a love of letters and reading!  You still love to "read" while you take a break from playing.  I love to watch you sit and flip through a few books, and point at pictures or talk like you are reading a book.

You recently had your first haircut and it was really traumatic...for me!  I thought you were going to freak out, but you did great!  I think it was only because you got to sit in a car, or as you say it, "caaaaaaaar."

You are starting to throw some fits/tantrums, but nothing too bad yet.  It came out pretty nicely when our friend Huddy came over to visit.  You wanted the toy he was playing with and he wouldn't give it to you (That's right, Huddy! Good boy, he can't just steal things from you.) You immediately collapsed into face-to-ground, arms-over-head, wail mode.  I was speechless.  That happened about three times in succession and then we all went about our business.  Other than that, you play really well with other kids, especially kids that are at least a few years older than you.  Recently, we have met some new neighbors and every time we are outside, you get so excited to play and run with everyone.  People keep telling me we need to have a baby brother or sister for you to play with, but Daddy and I just aren't ready yet.  (So, LAY OFF! *polite grin*)

Kai loves the ladies.  I catch you checking out gals in the supermarket, or grinning ear to ear when a lady even glances in your direction.  But, my son, they always love you too.  Those baby blues, a girl can't resist!

I think that sums things up pretty well right now.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

February photos...

I picked the wrong album and am starting with February.  The month for lovahs!

...a glimpse into what we have been up to (I will cycle back around to January.)

Valentime's at the Driskill.  There was a proposal right next to us!  squeal!
(I got bangs too....which I love!)

Been trying freezer cooking.  I think I've narrowed it down to doubling 2 GOOD recipes a month.  I've been trying all these different new recipes and most of them come out BAAAAAD, so I have to toss out all this food that is not good.
I'm better at chopping up extra stuff and saving it though.  Now I want a food saver!

The kiddo in his new Cozy Coupe truck!  He was scared at first, but now he's a pro! 

I'm waiting on some pics from my dear friend, Cecily, but here are a few from  the shower that I helped toss for the loverly Cecilia Fritts.  Ainsley is now here, and I get to meet her on Saturday...finally.

Guessing game from the shower.  Cici added a couple of our friends guesses after the shower, and the big winner is....Erin!  I need to send her a prize.  

This looks fancy, but it was a snap! Plus, it was a great gift for AJ and decor for the shower.  
Cici loves elephants, and babies love taggies. I'd say, win win.

The little mister.  I can't even handle this grin.

And this.  I get it from my grandmother, people.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yikes, it's April!

Kai has pink eye, and another ear infection.  Which makes three ear infections since December.  Come on kid, let's get it together.  No talks of tubes or anything yet, just treating each one as it comes and moving on!  Luckily, this time it did not include a fever.  Last time, he had a virus as well that was a 6 day fever fest.  

Build up that immune system little boy.

Things I'm enjoying these days:
  1. rain
  2. thunder
  3. Sonic runs
  4. Getting pictures of my newest goddaughter, Ainsley Jane.
  5. Wheel of Fortune (never gets old)
  6. Cross word puzzles
  7. Friday Night Lights (we are on the last season!)
  8. Kai's new haircut
  9. Candy Crush
Things I'm not enjoying:
  1. Candy Crush
  2. Applying for jobs
  3. Wanting to create Shutterfly albums, but being overwhelmed by the fact that the last one I made was Kai's baby book.
  4. My lack of blogging
  5. Pink eye (which I'm eleventy billion percent sure that I'm going to get...)