Monday, July 30, 2012

Day Thirty: A Photo of Me Today and 3 Good Things that Have Happened in the Last Thirty (ahem) Days

This photo was not from today, but it was from my 29th birthday last week!  We went to Uchiko and it was...


My husband just knocked it out of the park by picking the restaurant that I had been dying to go to and making a surprise reservation!  What a stud.

So this was my first attempt at a sock bun, and I think it came out pretty great.  I also got new earrings from Cecilia and they looked quite cute with my outfit.  Another thing to eventually work into my 30 before 30, I got out a skirt that I have had for about 5 years, but have only worn twice!!
Not a great pic, but it will do....

So three good things:
  1. I celebrated the following birthdays, Scott's belated, Emily, Logan, Pat, Erin, My mom, Dad, Maddy, ME!, and next up is my big bro.  (It's been a fun 30 days/two months!)
  2. Scott and I are 3 seasons through Parks and Rec. and I'm loving it!
  3. I turned 29 and I'm okay with it!  We will see what 30 brings.

Day Twenty-nine: Something I Never Get Tired of Doing

Reading!  I love to read.  I could read all day every day.  But then I would ignore my family...and get fat...and generally be boring.

Right now, I'm reading, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!  I realized as I started it that I had never read it before.  I thought I did in high school, but alas now that I really think about it, I know I didn't.  Anyway, I'm collecting a very pretty set of books, and my sister-in-law gave me P&P.  It looks like this...

My mom bought be Wuthering Heights a few weeks ago, so that is next!  That would be the two classics I needed to cross of my 30 before 30 list.

Eventually, my set will look like this!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Twenty-eight: My Favorite Movie

I always come back to You've Got Mail. 

I know, I's one of those cliche rom-coms, where the guy goes the whole movie without knowing he's really in love with the main character.  She also just doesn't know how charming she is, and then when the dude finally figures it out he goes chasing after least they don't make out in the rain I guess.  You know the other thing I think is funny about rom-coms?  It's so weird that it all builds up to a make out scene.  Does anyone want to watch me and Scott make out? And then go, "awwwwwww" they are just the cutest!!!"  I really doubt it.

What I do like about this movie, is much like what I enjoy about the Gilmore Girls.  I'll be out and about and hear a reference to something and it triggers a line in my head from the dialogue.  Whether it be about Generalissimo Franco, going to the mattresses, or the crazy long Starbucks order...I get a little giggle when these things come to mind.

interesting tidbit: This was adapted from a film called, The Shop Around the Corner, which was adapted from a play. 

interesting tidbit #2: I confess, I thought it was General Issimo Franco....Had to look that one up!

Other favorites that are very close are the last three Harry Potter movies.  I can generally watch one of those any time.

Dear Kai...

I had a conversation with a friend today about her two little girls.  We were talking about how fun it is to watch a child's attitude, personality, and actions develop as the grow.  She asked me a little about your personality and then told me how fun it would be to watch the little things you do now and compare them to when you grow up to see how you are communicating with the world now and we don't even know.

I decided I wanted to record that for you as best I can, but in a simple way.  So here is my first description of you that I hope to refer back to as you grow up.

Dear Kai, (at 9 months and 3 weeks)

You are, at first meeting, a serious little dude.  The majority of times you meet a new person you stare and stare and stare at them.  Your little tongue hangs out of your mouth and your little brow is furrowed.  Usually, you give a hint of a smile that then lets us know you are okay with the new person.  Some days you are just so silly and happy that a smile and a giggle comes quickly when you meet someone new.  There's the occasional day where when I even hand you to someone you know, you stick out your big bottom lip and start to cry like a big fat cry baby!  I always laugh, but it breaks my heart just a little...for you and for the person holding you.  (ie: Grams, Mutti, Nana etc.)  As you grow, I think this will just show a discerning tendency.  I think you will take a moment to gauge your surroundings/people that is good.  It can show maturity that you don't just dive right in and start spouting your opinions.  (We'll see on this!)

You love to attack food with a wild abandon.  This is mostly relegated to cheerios (we call them cheer-me-o's) or banana pieces etc.  I can't just pour anything on your tray or else you will pile it ALL in your mouth.  You did this once last month at Rudy's.  I gave you a bunch of cheer-me-o's and you stuffed them all in your mouth and then yakked all over yourself and me.  Awesome.  On the other hand, when you dislike a food you just spit it right back at me.  That is mostly vegetables and those nasty pureed meats (so I don't blame you).  My friend and I discussed that this tendency to dive into your food could spill over to life in general.  I'm wondering if you will end up being a vivacious child that is hungry for more to do, more life. 

When you wake up in the morning, usually we get to hear you talk and babble until one of us wakes up enough to go grab you out of your crib.  You will occasionally give a scream, but once we get you up it's all smiles and sweetness.  Hopefully, this means you will be a morning person...You can help out your mommy and daddy.  Neither of us were blessed with that gene.  I also think this just shows your graciousness.  You have faith that we will come get you, and when we finally do stumble into your room, there is nothing but happiness and thankfulness that we are there to be with you.  You kick your legs so hard, you just want to grab our noses, roll around on our big bed, and make cute  grunting noises.  I love it.

That's all this time around, I'll check in a few months from now!
Your momma

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 Before 30

Today is my 29th birthday. This means that I will follow the trend out there and create my own 30 before 30 list.  Keep in mind, I'm a stay at home mom right now, so this won't be terribly thrilling for some people.  These are just small fun ideas that I have wanted to do for a long time.
Many that I can do at home!
  1. Go into my 31st year with no back pain. Done!
  2. Go through at least one devotional book on my own.  Started one, Max Lucado's "Romans" I'm also in a Bible/book study going through Soul Revolution with my church.
  3. Go to 5 concerts/live performances. Rock of Ages, Aerosmith, Mumford and Sons, 
  4. Interview my grandmother
  5. Learn 3 songs on my guitar to play for Kai
  6. Read 2 classic novels. Finished Pride and Prejudice! 
  7. Read 5 education related books. Love and Logic. On Common Ground (PLC's), How to Assess Higher Order Thinking, Reading: The Daily Five
  8. Book or actually take trip to London and Scotland. Not happening...
  9. Vegas trip. planned!
  10. Curtains on the bottom floor of our house. 
  11. Go to Sea World with the Frittses
  12. Do dancer's pose in yoga with both hands holding my foot (Back I'm replacing this with, learn all 196 countries of the world on a map! Okay, both of those were insane... Mow the yard for the first time, EVER.  Done!
  13. Host a large group of people for a meal once a month. This is not going great, but we have definitely had families and friends over at least once a month since this started, so they aren't large groups, but it's something!
  14. Quit nursing. Done!
  15. Give up fried food for a month
  16. Go stand up paddle boarding
  17. Volunteer at our church food pantry
  18. Wear clothes that I own but don't wear very often...This is not very measureable, but I've worn a couple of outfits that have been sitting for a while! 
  19. Figure out a schedule for dying my hair (grey's people!) My sweet friend, Megan, dyed my hair, and now I'm just watching for those grey's to pop out so I can see when I would need to do it again.
  20. Make a pie, with Mutti's crust!
  21. Decide on the (ONE) tattoo I want to get, but wait a year after I have decided, just to make sure! Scott and I are talking about getting the same one, a little homage to Kai-dude.
  22. Learn how to take good clear pictures with my camera (inside and in full sun)
  23. Complete four sewing projects. I'm thinking stockings?!?!
  24. Tour Austin like a tourist (segway tour or pedibike tour, ACLive, capitol etc.)
  25. Finish out our FULL emergency fund. Done. I'm not going to detail that...personal financial details.  BUT we do follow Dave Ramsey's plan, so if you are curious, check him out!
  26. Learn enough on Photoshop to design Kai's birthday invites and our Christmas Card/email. I need to send the birthday invites out tomorrow, they may look a little special, but they are done!
  27. Get a gig teaching for fall 2013
  28. Pay for another person's Starbucks/drive thru meal behind me
  29. Teach a kid's dance class (I think I would be really good at this, but I'm beyond nervous to try!) OR take voice lessons.  I honestly couldn't decide between these two.
  30. Go to a parenting conference with the mister

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Twenty-seven: Put my ipod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs played

I decided to do this from my iTunes library on my computer instead of my phone. 

We have the following amount of music in our iTunes library:
5938 items, 16.7 days (worth of music), or 34.89 GB of music files. 

Every once in a while I think about how crazy it would be to sit down and listen through our entire library for 16.7 days. Nuts.  Also, keep in mind that we have gotten rid of ALL of our CDs.  I repeat ALL.  Scott and I took the time to sit down and burn every single one of them.  Hence the ginormous amount of music.  It is weird to no longer have all those jewel cases, or a car visor CD holder, or those crazy binders that hold all our CDs, but it does make me feel free!  If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to make the transfer.

**Note-when I got married to the mister, we combined our music libraries! Please don't judge.  I'm going to be HONEST with what comes up here.

Without further ado:
(I'm nervous!) 

  1. "It's All Been Done Before" - Barenaked Ladies
  2. "Glorify Your Name Forever"- Not sure on artist, it's live
  3. "Girls"- Beastie Boys
  4. Explicit-SKIP!!!
  5. "I'm Scared" - Duffy
  6. "MMMBop" - Hanson 
  7. "Rolling in the Deep" - Adele
  8. "Goodbye Earl" - Dixie Chicks
  9. "Fly Like an Eagle" - Steve Miller Band
  10. "Yes" From the Meet Joe Black Soundtrack- Thomas Newman
I hope that was eclectic enough for you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day Twenty-Six: Think back five years ago...How have I changed since then?

Five whole years ago, I was a measly 24 years old.  About half of the year 2007, I worked at Six Flags Over Texas.  It was a super fun job!  I was the PR Coordinator and helped create events, work with the media, and just terrorize the park workers in general.  It was good times.  Here I am with my friends Emily and Bugs.  The three of us were inseparable. I left Six Flags in July of 2007, and went off to pursue my Masters in Education!  It was a scary transition, but luckily I loved grad school and my husband was super supportive!

I also found this picture from 2007 the other day.  This is my grandfather, we called him Pochi.  He passed away not too long after this, but this was his birthday with me and my brother.  He served his country all his life, beginning in the Air Force!

I have changed a lot since the year 2007!  I have had a child, which has changed me immeasurably, got a masters degree, and changed my career path.  In general, I have just grown a lot and am a lot more forward focusing.  I like to organize and make plans for myself.  I feel like back then, I was just kind of wandering along taking whatever was thrown at me or making decisions without working through the consequences...and now I have grabbed a hold of my life (as much as a God-fearing woman can) and have a least a loose understanding of where we hope to go as a family.  Plus, my world isn't just about me (and my hubby) anymore! Kai is involved.  He is our world and we have to make decisions based around what will be best for him.

Day Twenty-Five: Something that I miss

Gosh.  I miss living in a dorm.  No wait I don't. 

I miss living within 5 seconds of all my closest girl friends.  We would hang together all the time when we lived in the same dorm.  Movie nights, craft time, IM chats, the UGE!, etc. etc.  My friend Red used to run down the hallway fling open our door and blast me in the face with a pillow and then run off.  I would chase after her but she would lock her door so I couldn't get in.  Pansy.

I don't think I was the best roommate in the world (sorry Erin, Cici, and Mere!) but looking back, I do miss being so close with everyone.  Now my best friends from college live in NYNY, LA, Nebraska, Dallas, San Antonio, Chile, San Fransisco, and me in Austin!  We are all over the place and I can't wait for the next time we get to reunite!!  Most of us will be at Bequisha's wedding in Santa Ynez which is going to be a beautiful time!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome Mama!

The only person that knows about this blog, until now, is Scotter!  I hope you enjoy catching up on my ridiculously self-serving new blog. 



Day Twenty-four: What's in my purse?

  • Stride gum
  • Nine-month check up info from Kai's appointment
  • Wipes case & 1 diaper (I was traveling sans diaper bag that day)
  • Fossil wallet. Best wallet ever!
  • My little pink mesh back of the essentials (Tums, jump drive, ear buds, lip gloss, chap stick, little mirror, bobby pins)  I read once that Hillary Clinton carries see through mesh bags in her purse to keep all her stuff organized and I thought it was brilliant!  Took me a while to find them, but Wal-Mart did the trick.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day Twenty-three: 20 Facts About Me

  1. I'm growing my hair out again.
  2. I have a cat and a dog that kind of match.
  3. I have a chubtastic 9 month old.
  4. I'm married to a ranting, frisbee loving, cell phone whisperer (meaning that he can glance at your phone over your shoulder from across the room and tell you the brand and model).  He's good lookin' too!
  5. I'm not uptight about spelling and grammar (I'm more mathy) but I get very frustrated with yeah, yay, and yea getting mixed up.  Blah!
  6. I really identify with dorky women characters on TV (like Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope).
  7. I love my Kindle, but wish I could have a wall full of books I've read.
  8. I'm a stay-at-home mama right now, but want to go back to work in the not too distant future.  The timing keeps changing, but I'm a teacher and I want to teach!  
  9. I love watching the weather radar.
  10. I was in band (clarinet player) and also did dance team! 
  11. Prior to dance team, I was a ballerina for 14 years.
  12. This is my sixth blog (If I'm remembering correctly.)
  13. I wish I could sing.
  14. I'm a TCU Horned Frog through and through!
  15. I graduated with a BBA in marketing and then went back and got a master's degree in education. (both at TCU!)
  16. I love live music! I'm from Austin...duh!
  17. 90's alt. rock gets me every time.
  18. I loathe ironing.
  19. I have a ridiculous sense of smell that makes changing diapers borderline traumatic.
  20. I used to work at Six Flags Over Texas! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Found my Kindle!


I almost had heart failure that I had lost it.  Instead of losing it, I had put my little reading sanctuary with all our other books that we refer to frequently, read: baby books.  This is where it should be by the way. 

I'm failing...

at giving up soda.

Coke why do you trouble me so?!?!

There are a few days where I stay strong and drink tea instead (mind you it is Sweet Leaf, so still lots of sugar) but I am really proud at the end of that day to know I didn't ingest soda poison, as gluten free/paleo/clean eaters would probably call it.  I ran across an infographic the other day about what soda does to your body and just skipped right over it.  I think I shall go find it and post it here.

Stupid soda.  I hate you.

P.S. I think it's ridiculous that there is a whole website dedicated to creating these infographics on a daily basis! I guess I feel like many issues or subjects of these infographics are way more complex that their portrayal on a "one-pager."  I do like some of the fun ones, however.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day Twenty-two: Bullet my whole day

  • Wake up
  • Scott got the baby (smile!)
  • Pump/eat breakfast
  • Play with baby
  • Read to baby
  • Go for jog/walk with stroller (and dog)
  • Put baby down for nap
  • Look for Kindle
  • Make phone calls
  • Organize stuff (still getting new house under control)
  • Shower
  • Baby wakes up mid shower (awesome.)
  • Feed baby
  • Clean up ridiculous amount of baby food spilled everywhere
  • Nurse
  • Put baby in car to get out of house
  • Go to local library
  • Hobby Lobby visit 
  • Back home
  • Look for Kindle AGAIN.
  • Freak out and almost put dog up for adoption
  • Husband comes home to mitigate my freakout
  • I make this from (good but not amazing)
  • And grilled cheeses
  • The mister puts baby to bed.
  • Do dishes
  • Blog/Pump
  • Start Parks and Rec Season 2
  • Bed
Quote from Leslie Knope: Ho's before Bros, uteruses before duderuses

Day Twenty-one: Something that makes me happy

This is a very small thing that makes me happy, but I would say a good book and a cup of coffee.  But it has to be that I have nothing else to do or I've gotten everything else done and I can just sit and read for 2 hours with no worries.  And just sip a cup of joe. And it has to be a cup of coffee in a mug with either lots of whip or a swirly thing on top.  I just love that.  mmmmmmmmmmm....

also hanson makes me happy.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Hatterversary!

Today is the Mister and my 6th anniversary!  Count 'em, 6 years!

 The night we got engaged.
Wedding day!
 Honeymoon in Maui!
 Married couple fun (shakeface style)
With our little one when he was brand new!

Day Twenty: Meaning of my blog name

This is easy!

I have a 9 month old.

When he takes 3 hour naps it is the BEST.

1.5 hours is okay.

2 is good.

and 3 is GLORIOUS!

Plus, that's when I get to blog, and the only reason I get to blog.  Hence, 3hournaps!

P.S. I officially made it, in June I posted OVER my goal of 20 times.  I did share this blog with the Mister, (welcome honey) but I'm going to try to stick with it for another month before I let in some more people i.e. my mohter.  I mean I did just skip 5 days in a row this week!  That is a blogger failure in the making right there.  I'm going to try for another 20 times in July!

Day Nineteen: Another photo of me (because I know you all want it.)

I love this pic and just found it randomly in my iphoto sets.  It's (left to right) Logan, Billy, and me!  We were watching my husband coach a little league team with our friend Jose.  They weren't winning so I had on my rally cap!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day Eighteen: Something I crave a lot...

The above are MY cravings.

According to The Mister.

Thanks for the honesty, honey.  He answered my question, "what do I crave?" in 5 seconds and without hesitation.

Mom Vs. Hand Washing

Okay, the title of this doesn't mean I'm going AGAINST hand washing with a baby, or in general for that matter.  Seriously, ew.  It does however mean that when you have a baby things like this are increasingly difficult!  Not for me to help the baby wash his hands but simply for me!

Imagine: mmmmmm...Kerbey Lane pancakes...  mid lunch/brunch with cute baby next to you starting to get a little fussy.  I'm going to try to fix this... It's time to change the diaper.  I get up and head to the bathroom (Luckily for me, they have a changing table!  What a thought people!  Firebowl and Starbucks I still hate you sometimes for not having changing tables.  I left a very strongly worded comment card at Firebowl when they told me to go change my kiddo's diaper at Chipotle the other day.  Whaaaaaa?)

Steps off soap box.

Finish up changing diaper, and now it's time to get clean!  But wait, I still have to hold my baby b/c he can't stand yet, and I can't leave him on the table b/c he would fall off and then need stitches or worse.

So this is how it goes, and I only learned this from watching another mom... Put one hand under faucet get wet, get soap on that hand, use same hand to squish it around, rinse, get a paper towel, and dry...Switch baby to other hip (the one he slides off of slowly, EVERY TIME) and repeat.  By the time I finish, baby has slid all the way down to my knee and I waddle back over to paper towels to dry off and set baby back up on proper hip.  (found out I have slight scoliosis, by the way, who knew?!)

That is how I wash my hands. It's the little things.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day Seventeen: Celebrity crush

hmmmmmm, let's see.

Snark + Abs= Joel McHale. 

Yep, that about sums it up.

P.s. I'm going to see Magic Mike tonight with Elemily so this could change in a matter of hours, people.

Day Sixteen: A photo of me and my family!

 Above: One of our first pics as a family!  My hair is ridic, here.  Always take a headband with you when you give birth.  ALWAYS!  
Below: Father's day 2012.  A silly pic of me and my boys on the train at Zilker!