Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ready to Shop!

The amount of bright TCU purple t-shirts I have been wearing lately has been a little over the top.  You know that your family has an affinity for a school when you can fill an entire load of laundry in the color of your alma mater.  We can do that with all of our purple shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, blankets etc.

I have been following a few great blogs lately and though I am not going to do any closet challenges like my friend Jen (see her cute blog here) I do want to make my wardrobe a little more than just purple pre-shrunk cotton!  Jen is trying to wear everything in her wardrobe and donate items that she doesn't need any more, what a great idea!  I really liked the part about turing the hangers around, so simple, so brilliant!  I stood in front of all my clothes a few weeks ago after I read her post and thought, "I maybe wear about 15% of this regularly, why do I need all this to just sit here and mock me and why can't I donate plenty of great items to Goodwill or even trade with friends?"

As a stay at home mama, I look in the closet and peruse and then, with a big old sigh, end up just wearing....whatever.  Usually, with a sweatshirt or large sweater on top.  Somedays, I'm super happy with that situation and somedays, I realize I should put on real clothes before my husband comes home or I will have just been in jammies since my workout at 9am.  Not that I'm trying to just be cute for my husband...I am cute/put together for me, darn it!  Such the feminist at heart. Plus, I see staying at home with Kai as my job for now, so I feel like if I put myself together a little better on a daily basis then that is one more way that I can also maintain my own identity/self-expression. I have heard many mamas say that it is easy to lose your self when you stay at home and become consumed with such a precious kiddo.

I received a few gift cards and some cash for Christmas...time to shop!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Scott and I are so sad to say that we had to give up our sweet pup, Juno, yesterday.

We contacted the place that we adopted her from five years ago and their policy is that pups adopted from them, return to them.   There is a story here, but the lady was none too happy to take her back, in the sense that she made us feel as if we were abandoning Juno... which I understand, but sometimes you just have to make REALLY hard decisions.  There was a LOT of guilt involved, but she did take her because her first priority is the dogs that she adopts out.  I really wish the situation had been more amicable, but she never wanted to understand our side of the story.

Our first priority is our family and our son, Kai.  Juno made us nervous on a daily basis around Kai and we tried to train her to obey but had little luck.  I had a long phone conversation with a friend's dog trainer and came to the realization that there are just a lot of dog breeds out there that are not compatible with children.  We could have done more training, however, it would be very time consuming, expensive and guarantee no results as to her ever getting along with one baby (let alone two in the future!!)

Juno was a stray when we adopted her so we do not know her background as far as her breed goes or even if she suffered abuse at the hand of a previous owner.  She had some pretty skittish moments and was skeptical of many adults which made me think something happened in her past.

Scott took the horrible responsibility of driving Juno back up toward DFW to meet the lady and drop her off.  We all thought it was best that I didn't go as I had some choice words for our guilt trippy lady, and my emotions would have been off the charts.

We will miss you sweet girl, and we hope you find a new home with no kiddos and parents that will love you, play with you, and treasure your wonderful personality.  Thank you for a fun 5 years, girl.

Here are some of Juno's greatest hits:

as a pup....

In the snow...

Just being cute...

Getting muddy in the backyard, there was a time I came home to this on a daily basis. 
 I had to pick her up and bathe her after work!!


p.s. if you want to comment on this story, please be kind with my heart.  I'm so torn up about this, and I just wanted to share about this because I'm sad and needed to let a teensy part of it go.  Give your sweet doggies a big hug for me today!