Sunday, September 30, 2012


I was going to have a garage sale yesterday, but the impending doom of rain made me believe that it just wouldn't be possible.  I really wanted to get rid of some of our stuff, but I guess the skirt I wore twice in 10 years, and the 18 baseball caps that Scott doesn't wear any more will live to see another day.


We DID get to go see Rock of Ages last night.  One side of my brain says, "that was a fun show, and I'm glad we got to sing along to some rockin' 80's tunes..." the other side says, "yikes, there were a lot of jokes that I'm sad to say that I laughed at..."  All in good fun I guess!  The third side of my brain still wants to yell, "shut up!" to the losers that were sitting behind me and Scott who were talking/singing/drunk/explaining the show/INTERACTING with the characters and poorly chosen times. 

The Long Center was pretty neato, and Scott got us amazing seats (they were a present from my FIRST 29th birthday back in July) that he was worried wouldn't be great.  Middle mezzanine toward the front is always good, my love! We ate at ZAX beforehand, which was delicious.  I had tilapia and he had beef skewers, but the most important part was the yummy margarita I had.  Mmmmmmmm.

p.s. I started a sewing project yesterday.  whew! That stuff is complicated.  I'm trying a pattern, so that I can learn to read them and use them.  It's a half apron, and I'm already confused.  Way to go Jane. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A trip to Horned Frog central!

This past weekend, our little family traveled to one of our most favoritest places in the world, Fort Worth, TEXAS!  I'm pretty fond of this wonderful purple haven, but it's mostly for the amazing family we had around us while we lived there for about 10 years.

Friday, we arrived and were greeted by our friends, the Howards, including their awesome and quite energetic D1 (Maddy) and D2 (Jane Jane).  We got situated and promptly put Kai booger to bed.

Maddy lost a tooth.

Saturday morning, we got up and relaxed a bit with Todd and Tina and then headed off to Kai's very first TCU football game!  We got to catch up with a few friends (mostly dudes, but some ladies!) at their tailgate.  It was an 11 am kick off so they had all breakfast food and it was all delish!  Jose made some killer breakfast tacos...seriously, they were so good! Kai didn't do great at the tailgate, it was hot and I took him to see the band march by and that promptly brought on the waterworks.  Sad to this band nerd mama!  He will love it eventually, I just know it!

Evidently, all of that action wore the little man out, because Scott had him on his shoulders and as we were walking up to our seats, Kai laid his little head right down on top of Scott's head and fell asleep!  It was so precious, a stranger even took a picture of him because he thought Kai was so cute!  I let him nap on me for about 30 minutes until he woke up and then Scott came and helped us up to our seats.

The little dude and I made it about 15-20 minutes, until Kai spit up (which he hasn't done in forever) and just generally got squirmy.  So we left and headed back to the Howard's house.  I know he will love it in a year or two, honey, I promise!  I also had a hard time sitting still with Kai there in the sun, and my back was bothering me a bit.  I'm such an old lady!

 After we all got back and rested, Tina and Todd hosted a bunch of our friends from FW over at their house for appetizers and dessert!  All the food was so goooooooood.  And seeing those amazing faces and getting a chance to hug them was just fab.  Got to see some new babies, the Dore's little Davis, and the Connelly's Maggie girl.  MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm little babies!  They were so little!  I was nervous to pick them up or put their binky back in and I just had one of those not 10 months ago.  It's crazy how quickly you forget that fragile and tiny state they are in just after being born.  A little wine and a good chat and we were off to bed.  The only picture I snapped that evening was one of Katie's whoopie pies.  Now they were good, but I don't know how I didn't get pics of all our friends!! I guess I was just caught up in the excitement.
 hmmm, I think Maddy took this.

Sunday, we woke up, went back to TCU and took family pictures with Tina!  She is seriously and amazing photographer and I can't wait to get all the pictures back.

Here is her business if you are in the DFW area and need some great shots of your family/child/senior/etc.

Fall Meadow Photography

And our first pic!

After that, it was on to the City Church! We had been wanting to visit the church our friend, Ben Connelly, started in FW for a long time but it just never happened.  What a great experience! Our friend Matt Hudson preached on incorporating God into the rhythms of your life.  Such a great reminder of how we don't have to take on more to experience God more.  I didn't get to hear the whole thing because I had to go get Kai dude who was tired and hungry.  Poor big baby. After that, we were on the road home.  It was a great and exhausting weekend filled with friends, smiles, laughter, good food, wine, babies, and horned frog fun!  Good times.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


to my 30 before 30 are at the right...


A pup on thin ice

I love my dog dearly.  And I'm a dog person.

So, when I'm thinking about giving our Juno pup up, you know it's a serious situation.  We got Juno with the best of intentions about 4 years ago, but things just seem to be getting more difficult.  She was acquired as kind of a bridge between married life and "babyhood" and she served her purpose well! Juno loves to be the center of attention and has a lot of sweet energy. 

We knew we had our hands full though when she first acted a little suspicious around our goddaughter, Maddy.  Cici did a great job of trying to be helpful and patient but Juno just wasn't having this little toddling creature around our house.  So from then on, every time Maddy or any kiddo friends came over, Juno got put away.  We tried to figure out how to acquaint Juno with kids, but it's really hard to test that, you know?  You can't just train that out of them easily.

When I became pregnant, I got nervous it would be a serious issue so we worked with a trainer a little, however Juno just never really took to it.  It's not like she is overprotective or territorial really, she just has a lot of energy and doesn't like being dominated by anyone, even us.  We learned that by a few of the lessons our trainer went through with us...anything where we had to show Juno who was dominant, she put her tail down and her ears down.  Not aggressive, just not comfortable and not responsive to it.

So now here we are.  Do we just recognize the signs when she is around Kai as evidence that she needs to go?  Or do we just keep them forever separated, until Kai is old enough to assert his dominance over her and not get bit? I know we could do that dance, and our vet said he had a similar situation and he just took care of it.  Make sure to keep vigilant, keep them apart, put her away when other kids are around, etc.  Never trust that it will just be okay.

but I hate that feeling.  It makes me uneasy.  It is also hard when I see pictures of my friend's sweet dogs, napping in the crib with their baby, or letting the baby just roll all over them, or pet them or anything.  We can't even let Kai on the floor with Juno.  So sad.

The place we adopted her from said that if we seriously consider giving her up for adoption, we have to call them first.  I would hope that they would take her and find her a new home.  That was the nice part of adopting from them.  They feel a great sense of responsibility toward any animal they adopt out. 

But yikes, the thought of losing this little happy personality in our home is a rough thought.

But yikes, the thought of having her near Kai dude gives me heartburn. 


And what if we can't find her a home? 

Quote of the Day:

Scene from 30 Rock...

Kenneth gets put in charge because Liz is trying to get out of jury duty,  and the first thing he does is stand up in a crowded hallway and yells, "All menstruating women go home immediately!"

I so wish that would happen in real life, and that I could witness a couple women in the room look at each other, shrug, put down what they are doing and walk out.

No muss, no fuss.  Just acknowledge what we all really want, that this man who is just being a really just doing us gals a favor.  I would gladly go home!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

1st time trying pasketti

This was from last week, but I had a hard time uploading it then.  Fixed it!  Kai's first time eating pasketti went well, eh?


Re-cap from our trip to Funky Town should be up tomorrow!  It was very good times!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Kai,

You are almost one!  I can't even believe how fast this year has gone.  Every time I think about the fact that I only have 17 more years until we boot you out of the house I get a little teary.

Quickly, you are turning into one spirited little individual.  You ability to walk is coming on slowly but surely and I think, is giving you more confidence and more desire to get into anything you aren't supposed to.  You are still using a little push toy to walk or holding onto our hands, but your father and I are seeing you let go of a toy or the couch a little more often so you are getting those little balancing moments a few times each day.

As for personality, there is not a shortage!  You are starting to yell way more often (you get those rants from daddy).  You are yelling/babbling things like "adadadada" (I think means dada), "tat" (I think is cat), "amamamam" (mama), "noou?" (combined with a very demonstrative hand clap means more...I think this is you doing a sign...I have been trying to teach you that one, but I'm not terribly consistent with it, so I can't tell for sure for sure.)

They told me at baby school yesterday you started trying to steal the other kid's bottles.  For shame!  I don't send a bottle with you because, amazingly enough, we are still nursing and I'm very low on our stash.  But that is coming to a close!  My doc said I shouldn't supplement any cow's milk quite yet, so no bottles until 10/10, sorry my love.  I think you are going to want other people to share with you as you grow, but I don't know if you will be so ready to share with them.  When I hand you a little snack, you grab it out of my hand like, "This is mine! And by the way, MOM, if that is your real name, why didn't I get this 10 minutes ago???"  Maybe sharing won't be so much your problem as just over eating.  I don't think you will be terribly chunky though, because you like to move!  Sometimes to get your energy out, I just put you on the floor and follow you around the house while you crawl/army shuffle.  You get the biggest kick out of it.  Stewie pretty much hates these sessions but you are determined to get that fluffer! 

We are getting ready to put your jumperoo away, but you can't figure out the walker one with wheels. You just keep going backwards then you get stuck and just honk the horn till I come save you.  presh.

Some stats:

Weight as of today- 24.8 lbs

didn't get your height measured went to the doc b/c you tore this little piece of skin in your mouth while you were playing.  Lots of blood=sad mama.  But you are napping now, so evidently you aren't hurting too bad!

Clothes size- 18 months!  

Sleep- through the night consistently, but you wake up anywhere in the 5-6am range.  Please push that back! Naps are good usually a short one in the morning while we are on a walk, and then an afternoon marathon of 3-3.5 hours! Baby school is the BEST.

Favorite toy-Push popper thing, has a button and the little balls pop up and down inside or books to pull off the shelf, or pretend cell phone.

Favorite food- You tried spaghetti for the first time a few days ago, and you couldn't get enough!  You can plow through a whole banana easily, and you love mum mums or wagon wheels.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Re-cap: Becky's Wedding!

My beautiful friend, Becky got married to her loverly (now husband) Justin on September 8.  Scott and I were able to fly out for the ceremony and various other events thanks to our parents and their generosity to watch our little mister.  

Leaving Kai was one of the hardest things I've ever done, seriously.  Before I had a child, I always thought it would be like...kiss kiss little baby see you in a couple days! But Scott had to start working on me like 9 months in advance because originally, I wanted to take the little stinker with us! I can't even imagine what that would have been like...a baby in the wine country of California sounds like a pretty tough hill to climb in retrospect.  

Speaking of wine country, the wedding was held at the beautiful Firestone Vinyard in Los Olivos.  So everything about this weekend was centered around LO, Santa Ynez, Buellton, and Solvang.  We rented a little house in Santa Ynez and shared it with the Frittses.  The house was beautiful, quiet, and sat on an amazing landscape of property.  Here was the view out our master bedroom window.
 Before the house though, we had to pick up our rental car and drive up the PCH of course....

 This was our amazeballs yellow Mustang convertible! 

Driving out to the valley took most of the day, but on the way there we stopped in LA to have lunch with our friend Nate.  After we got to Santa Ynez, we went to dinner in Buellton at the Hitching Post.  Featured in the movie Sideways, as most places we frequented were, this little restaurant claimed to have amazing BBQ steaks...hmmmmmmm.  I was expecting Scott's steak to be smothered in BBQ sauce, however they meant smoked/grilled and boy was it amazing! So smokey.  

Next day...WINE day.  Fess Parker (also featured in Sideways...)

 Gainey Vineyards, where we met up with some scallywags.
 Jane and Cecilia, hard at work forgetting they are mamas for a weekend!
 With the Frittses and the McIlherans.  Eating salami nuggets & cheese and trying delectable wines!

And another vineyard, can't remember the name... wink!

That night it was time for the pre-party...  This was our group of gals at a little place called Sarloos & Sons.  If you ever visit Los Olivos, go to there!  We didn't have their cupcakes, but supposedly they pair cupcakes with the wines during wine tastings. um yes please! I'll just have to go back.
 Saturday AM, pedi with the ladies in Solvang, and the boys went to golf.  Found out that Robyn (from How I Met Your Mother) and Taryn Killam got married that night where the dudes golfed.  We saw the Dean from Community and Nasim Pedrad from SNL just hanging around Solvang.  I geeked out a little.

At the wedding that evening.... (I didn't do a great job on my hair. boo.)
 BUT, my toes matched the theme of lavender perfectly!

Becky was so gorgeous!  Her dress was perfection.  And when she walked down the aisle with her daddy, the sun was starting to set it shone through the trees so pretty.  ah!  so good.

The program/fan with a little lavender sprig.  The wedding photographer had me hold all this and be her model because she said my dress and jewelery were perfect for her shots.  I hope to make it in the wedding album! 
 First dance!
 As we were leaving to make it to LAX...which we were late, missed our flight and did NOT get to see our big baby before he went to bed.  But we survived, got on the next flight...and relieved my mom from duty very late... she went to sleep at 2:30 am that "night" when she got home...big props to Grams!!!
All in all, an amazing trip with, beautiful friends, and memories to last a lifetime! Opa!

Baby School

My little dude started preschool! Does that sound crazy to you?

What is he doing in preschool? He is only eleven months old, you say?

That is correct.  This momma needed some TIME.  I've now got two mornings a week, which is perfect.  I have some time to go to doctor's appointments (which by yesterday's post has been much needed) and I even get to meet with some chicks from my church on Thursday during the lunch hour!  Everyone in that group either stays at home, or can get away from their work for an hour and a half on Thursdays which is awesome!

I found out about the school that Kai is in a few months ago and luckily it was before enrollment time.  I had no idea that enrollment was such a deal breaker.  If you don't get in those lines and get on those lists EARLY, just go ahead and wipe your chance of getting your kiddo into a school off your to-do list.

Anyhoo, my big baby is in the rollie pollie class.  I love the name because it's just a whole bunch of chunky little babies crawling (and one toddling) around the room!  And on his day it is all boys!  So much fun.  Every time I come to pick him up I always find him in a great mood and he is happy to see me.  Then he takes an awesome 3 HOUR NAP when we get home.  Yesterday it was 3+ hours!

The first day was actually kind of hard for me to give him up, but so good.  And since I'm hoping to work next fall, this will be a great transition for me to get used to handing big baby off to other super awesome people, so that they can fall in love with him!  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chiropractor? um no.

My thoughts...I should have gone with my grandmother on this one, but I had so many people telling me that they helped them so much!  I bet that my friends who have gone regularly haven't had the kind of back pain that I've been having. I decided to finally make and go to an appointment with a physical therapist this morning and I'm already feeling a great weight off my shoulders.  The chiropractic form of treatment just made me skeptical and nervous as to my course of treatment. 

**Disclaimer, my chiro was so nice and a great person, I have no doubt.  And I'm sure there are conditions that he is a miracle worker for, but my issue just isn't that kind I guess. 

I went to a Spinal clinic yesterday too, so I am running the gambit of specialists here.  Back to physical therapist first of all, had to deal with some tears.  I've been dealing with this back pain for a while and some of my symptoms come and go so things have been a little overwhelming to explain especially now that I have gone to: a chiro, my general doc, a spinal clinic, and now a PT.  yikes.  If I had a job, this would have been a really tough year!  It has really made me feel sympathy toward people who deal with serious chronic issues.  I can't even imagine trying to juggle insurance, appointments and the stress of the pain on top of work stressors and pressure.  At least Kai can't fire me for missing work or taking him along on appointments. 

Next steps from my PT:

Do 15 reps of this push up/cobra move every hour of every day...or more!

Sit with better posture (use a bolster or something in the small of my back), and not sit indian style while I play with Kai.  I'm supposed to lay on my tummy...which I'm doing as I type too!

Check back in next week to see if this has relieved pressure (she thinks I have a disc issue).  These exercises could fix this situation, or if not we can move on and see if it's a hip/muscle issue.  That way if I have to get an MRI (ew.) They will be able to scan the correct area, and not make me have to have a 2nd scan.  I'm claustrophobic so that is super helpful!  But fingers crossed that as I strengthen up that my back just heals itself. 

*Note: the PT said that we naturally bend forward thousands of time in one day!  I didn't think that was true until I got home and started moving around my home.  The simplest things...when I drop something, pick up the cat, brush my teeth, do the laundry, do the dishes, cook, look for stuff, give the dog her food, not mention all the things that relate to having an almost one year old!  I just never realized, so these exercises are helping to counteract all that and help move my discs back into alignment b/c when I stand back up from bending over something isn't returning back into place right.  At least that is how I understood that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


that is how many times I have posted in September!  Well, I guess now it's two.  I'm still alive, I promise, I'm just trying to juggle way fun vacations, a crazy chubby baby boy, bills bills bills, cooking dinner, back pain, painting rooms in our house and being more social.  Man! I feel like I am so boring and then I list what we have going on and it's a little busy sounding.

Posts coming up:

Re-cap of Cali vacay. Complete with more pics of our amazing yellow Mustang convertible

Thoughts on Baby school (it's a MDO or preschool, but I call it baby school)

Kai's first sketti romp

Updates on my 30 before 30 progress, which is coming along!


Update on my back pain (which sucks)

Trip to Fort Worth, which is next weekend!

Kai's first TCU football game


Excited?  I know you are!

Monday, September 3, 2012


I watched Sleepless in Seattle last night, and it made me think...if this movie was re-made today who would play the characters of Annie (Meg Ryan) and Sam (Tom Hanks)?  Not that I want to change  one of my all time favorites, but it was just fun to think about.

My idea was Mark Ruffalo as Sam and Amy Adams and Annie.

That led me to When Harry Met Sally. (duh)

Who would play Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (again, Meg Ryan)?

Scott and I considered Josh Radnor for Sleepless, but I'm thinking maybe he could pull off When Harry Met Sally...he has the sarcasm factor that Billy Crystal had.  Though with How I Met Your Mother, I don't think I could see him not knowing he was in love with his best friend, when he thinks he has fallen in love every five minutes on the show.

I was thinking Malin Ackerman for Sally (she was in Happythankyoumoreplease with Radnor) and I like her maturity. BUT I discussed this with Scott and we changed to a bit perkier Reese Witherspoon.  She would do a great job with the dialogue and be super charming. 

I think casting movies would be fun, but really hard! You have to make sure the right people accept your offer to take the role, but if one person turns it down that totally would throw off the mojo of the movie.