Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yikes, it's April!

Kai has pink eye, and another ear infection.  Which makes three ear infections since December.  Come on kid, let's get it together.  No talks of tubes or anything yet, just treating each one as it comes and moving on!  Luckily, this time it did not include a fever.  Last time, he had a virus as well that was a 6 day fever fest.  

Build up that immune system little boy.

Things I'm enjoying these days:
  1. rain
  2. thunder
  3. Sonic runs
  4. Getting pictures of my newest goddaughter, Ainsley Jane.
  5. Wheel of Fortune (never gets old)
  6. Cross word puzzles
  7. Friday Night Lights (we are on the last season!)
  8. Kai's new haircut
  9. Candy Crush
Things I'm not enjoying:
  1. Candy Crush
  2. Applying for jobs
  3. Wanting to create Shutterfly albums, but being overwhelmed by the fact that the last one I made was Kai's baby book.
  4. My lack of blogging
  5. Pink eye (which I'm eleventy billion percent sure that I'm going to get...)

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