Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 Before 30 UPDATE: Go into my 31st year with no back pain.

I think I may have achieved this!  The pain began after I fell while I was carrying Kai down the stairs...  

He was four months old and already a chunker.  I had just gotten out of the shower and needed something downstairs so I trudged back down, baby in-tow and my foot slipped out from under me on the last step!  I couldn't let go of my bundle of joy so I landed smack on my tailbone.  I'm pretty convinced that I broke it and didn't know it.  It also seems I knocked some nerves out of alignment because when I did certain stretches, it really aggravated the issue.  

I had some x-rays a few months after I fell, and they showed no signs of a fracture, but I was told it could have not shown up, healed enough, or scar tissue remained and made things painful etc.  I wrote a post about all the other things I have tried, and the PT was what I could tell made a difference.  It took a while, but when we found the stretch that really tweaked the nerve, I started to notice a difference.

I still have a moments of pain if I sit poorly, but on the whole, I'm going to put this in the "W" column.

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